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Mobile Patrols


Our Mobile Patrol is the answer wherever a flexible, visible, and physical security presence is required. It is a cost-effective solution that provides extra security protection to anywhere full-time security guards are not deemed necessary and existing physical security measures are considered to be otherwise adequate.

A Mobile Patrol is a strong deterrent to potential thieves, nuisance makers, or unwanted visitors and will do more than just alert you to an incident to protect your business or residential complex. By actively patrolling and checking your property at times scheduled or random, as specified by you, we will ensure that everything is secure.

We will also send a highly visible message of our presence, both with our standout patrol vehicles and fully uniformed personnel. Any unusual activity triggered alarms, suspicious individuals, fire or flood, etc. will be dealt with in accordance with your pre-arranged procedure, including contacting the emergency services and remaining on site until your property is secured.

Datapoint tagging (installing barcodes at specified, strategic locations across your site and using a scanner to record every visit to each location) ensures you are provided with full and updated evidence that our service is being delivered completely and successfully.

Parking Enforcement

The parking area of a property is one of the first experiences a guest or resident has with their visit. At all times it should be well maintained, organized, and under control.

Common problems found in the visitor's parking areas for condominiums are listed below:

  • Residents parking their own vehicle(s) in the visitors parking

  • Excessive use of visitors parking by guests

  • Persons from off-site using or abandoning their vehicle on the property

Our patrol officers can conduct random visits to your site at a frequency of your choosing, for the purpose of enforcing the parking conditions. In our experience, ten visits per month provide an effective deterrent to parking violators and can free up visitors parking for visitors to the property.

A secondary benefit to our service is that all of our officers are licensed security officers who are clearly uniformed and operate marked vehicles. With our parking enforcement program, you also receive a patrol check of your property offering an additional deterrent to potential criminal activity. By combining parking enforcement with security patrol our customers receive a value-added service second to none, and avoid the need to hire one company for parking control and another for security patrol.

These tags are actual "city" tags and all revenue generated is collected and retained by the city where the tag was issued. Our company does not profit in any way from the issuing of parking tags. Our rates are based on the size of the site and are on a per visit basis. This allows the customer to establish their budget and know exactly what their monthly charges will be. This eliminates surprises, questionable court charges, or hidden costs.

Mobile Support provides excellent service to every customer with reliability, thoroughness, and respect.

We offer parking enforcement for all businesses and residential buildings.
Our officers can patrol large-scale parking lots, shopping malls, and residential buildings to ensure your property’s parking area is not being abused.

This service is beneficial to you as the client because we can ensure you’ll always have parking for your customers or tenants. Parking enforcement is carried out by our certified guards giving you peace of mind that a security patrol is also being performed deterring theft and damage.

Security Management Services is licensed to issue parking tags on private property within the following cities:

  • Ajax

  • Brampton

  • Markham

  • Milton

  • Mississauga

  • Oakville

  • Pickering

  • Richmond Hill

  • Toronto

  • Vaughan

Concierge Security

We provide a welcoming and safe atmosphere in your building by bringing together top security protection and excellent customer service in order to deter crime (e.g. intruders, theft, and vandalism) and to offer a high-value standout service for you, your visitors, customers, residents, etc.

Our Concierge Security provides a friendly and reassuring presence and will:

  • Patrol and keep watch over your business or residential complex 24/7.

  • Manage access control.

  • Facilitate parking control.

  • Maintain fire and other emergency & safety procedures.

  • Monitor CCTV.

  • We can also assist by:

  • Managing reception.

  • Registering visitors.

  • Accepting deliveries.

  • Responding to the needs of visitors, employees, residents, etc.

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